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Please Help Free David Bedoya

Falsely Accused and Convicted owing to the VAWA Immigration Loophole / Fraud


- Please Help Free David!
- To Whom It May Concern
- David's Story
Please Help Free David!

I am writing this to ask for any help you can offer for David Bedoya. Donations, Pro-Bono Attorney, Political and any other way that could ultimately be useful.

David is a victim of Immigration Marriage Fraud as designed by the Violence Against Women Act - also known as the VAWA Immigration Loophole; Once a foreign woman accuses a man of Domestic violence or any other crime against her his life is ruined. 

On May 27, 2009 Brian Maass interviewed John Sampson, a former immigration investigator who says he is seeing "an 'epidemic' of fraudulent marriages where foreign women marry American men, then claim domestic violence to escape the marriage and legally remain in the U.S." Since January 2009, Sampson has been contacted by hundreds of men who say they were falsely accused of domestic violence by foreign women seeking green cards, which, under the Violence Against Women Act, they get by simply claiming abuse - no proof needed.

John Sampson: "What happens is they enter into a one-sided sham marriage to defraud an American citizen into believing they love him. And once they get in (when he marries her), they allege domestic violence to get themselves out of the sham marriage and to throw off suspicion this was a sham marriage to begin with."

There is 0% prosecution of women who bring false allegations and commit perjury. The Authorities such as the Police, DAs and Judges do not, that is they pragmatically refuse to, prosecute/indict False Allegations and Perjury when committed by women.

David is such a victim. How do I know such things you may ask? Well, I was run thru the same scam. The scam is that the quick and easy way to get a Green-Card and Citizenship is for the foreign spouse to accuse the American Sponsor Spouse of Domestic Violence. Then our government, who has been convinced by the Domestic Violence Industry and ardent feminists, that they are victims of all kinds of injustice automatically grants these women the Green-Card and Citizenship.

David’s fiancĂ© was in the process of being deported. David finds her in bed with another man. David is angry and says he does not want to continue to sponsor her for citizenship. She apologizes and says she is sorry and convinces him to make love to her once again, only this time video taping the act. Which she then uses in court calling it rape. After all his semen did end up in her and they did have sex. She inserts his penis into her vagina and says to those in the court room he wanted to use another hole so she had to do that because she was scared. So she accuses him of rape and whatever else she can conjure up. 

This reverses her deportation and Presto she is protected by our government and set-up on the speed track for citizenship. 

I have been thru what David is going thru but I had what I think is the best outcome. I am considered to have won but I ended up going bankrupt for nearly $100,000. She also accused me of several counts of vicious spousal rape, although we never did have sex. The local Domestic Violence Shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Sojourner also said I threatened them on the phone that I was going to come over and beat everybody up. Completely untrue of course.  Fortunately when the police officer came to arrest me I had tons of evidence about what was really going on and that police officer refused to arrest me. Because of that, and the evidence I had none of them ever showed up at a criminal hearing. So eventually the charges were either dropped or I was found to not-guilty. 

David was not so lucky. Most are not so lucky. My wife had bragged so much to the people she met here of what she was doing one of them called me just after I was arrested to tell me what was going on and then I was able to start trying to protect myself. Most men have no warning. David did not. Even with warning most courts will not admit the evidence from the defendants side in these cases. Since they already know the outcome why bother hearing evidence.

David does not belong in Jail. 

Please Help Free David!       

Bill Ronan, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Practitioner: Medical Hypnoanalysis
Author:  The Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley
Hopkins, MN

* "Folks, I am here to tell you that I don't for one moment believe David Bedoya is guilty of rape and kidnapping. To believe otherwise you must ignore very important evidence that substantiates his innocence."

* "I fervently pray that you who can, please help David obtain the legal help that he needs to bring about his exoneration. Six and one half years of his life have already been wasted."


RE: David Bedoya

David Bedoya is a young man incarcerated at the Rayburn Correctional Center at Angie, Louisiana. He is thirty years old.

He was born in the United States of Columbian parents. His parents were legal residents of the United States.

David was sentenced to prison for, allegedly, committing rape, kidnapping and assault. David began serving his sentence at the age of twenty four. He has now served six and one half years of his sentence. He has twenty plus years yet to serve. When he gets out of prison he will be in his fifties. Much of the youthful years of his adult life will have been expended due to obviously fraudulent criminal charges. Not to mention that the best years of his midlife also will have been gone.

I became aquainted with David in April 2012 through a friend who was incarcerated with him. The bunked across an aisle from each other for several months. They developed a very good friendship during this time. ship during this time.

The first time my friend mentioned David to me, he said, "David is a nice guy. He is a goodlooking, five feet five inches tall guy. He is innocent of the rape and kidnapping for which he was convicted. A succinct but informative introduction to David. My friend has a way with words.

I visited with David the 14th, 15th and 16th of September of this year (2012). This was the first time for me to see David in person. We had corresponded by letter and we had spoken by phone on several occasions, before f went down for the personal visit.

David is an exemplary inmate. By virtue of his good behavior, we were allowed to visit three days, three hours each day. Typically inmates are allowed two, one and one half hour visits, over two days. He appears to be liked, generally speaking, by his fellow inmates. His attitude reflects no bitterness from his unfortunate circumstances. His letters are always signed, "Always Positive, David".

I sat at a table, across from David for nine hours. We discussed an electic assortment of subjects. I came to realize that he and I have much in common. We do not like to drive vehicles. We do not care much for television... There is more, but I'll let that suffice.

It's somewhat like sitting across the table from myself - except I am seventy four years old.

David looks unflinchingly straight into your eyes when he talks to you. I like that in a person.

Folks, I am here to tell you that I don't for one moment believe David Bedoya is guilty of rape and kidnapping. To believe otherwise you must ignore very important evidence that substantiates his innocence.

I fervently pray that you who can, please help David obtain the legal help that he needs to bring about his exoneration. Six and one half years of his life have already been wasted. My daily prayer is that justice will be quickly realized. That his incarcerration will be brought to an end as soon as possible in order that he can qet on with what remains of his life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Thanks for whatever you do for David.

May God bless you.

Peace to you,

Harry E.

David's Story:

David Bedoya #00534607
Winn correctional Facility
PO Box 1260 Winnfield, LA 71483-1260

My name is David Bedoya. I am a thirty (30) year-old man who is currently serving a thirty (30) year sentence for two felonies i.e., forcible rape and second-degree kidnapping - heinous crimes that I am appalled by, crimes that I could not and would not commit. The supposed victim of these crimes is none other than my legal wife, a woman who, till this day, is still legally married to me, and who is still using my name for convenience. The reason she fabricated these horrible charges was for the sole purpose of obtaining her "green card" and abolishing the "order of deportation" that Immigration had placed against her. During the process of my case, I never had the evidence to prove my claims were in fact true. Two months after my sentence became final, I finally received the papers proving what I have been saying the whole time. That is not all though. I still have the original video tape of the date she claims I raped her, which clearly shows that I did not rape her, but that she was in fact very willing. I also have the surveillance video from Wal-Mart from that same day that shows her walking freely with me through the store and not being forced or kidnapped as she claims.

My so-called wife is a woman who is guilty of bigamy, falsification of documents, and many counts of perjury, which establishes the scenario leading to the charades that produced this conviction. I have documents to prove everything I am claiming and have just explained. I was accused by a criminal.

This is my story. In May of 2004,I met a woman named Paola Silva and fell in love with her. In less than six months of dating we were married on October 28,2004. She told me that she was from Venezuela,25 years-old and had a son living in Chile with her mother. She also said that her husband was killed in a car wreck, which made her a widow. Paola Silva arrived here in the United States with a visa card, but it had expired so she devised a plan to marry me so she could not be deported. I really believed that Paola Silva was an honest and decent person, but I found out the hard way that she was not. My sister constantly told me that Paola Silva was not who she claimed to be in the sense of being a widow, 25 years old, or having one kid. My sister was right.

I asked Paola Silva how did her husband die and she said that she believed that he killed himself because she no longer wanted him. She did not want to be with him because she believed that he raped her niece and got her pregnant. Her husband also refused to donate blood to her niece while she was on her dying bed, but as a result of that her niece died. The doctors were able to save the baby and Paola Silva recognized him as her legal son. This is when she decided to leave him and he died in the car wreck. This second kid was supposedly living in Chile as well.

I asked Paola Silva to show me her husband's certificate of death, but she refused to do so. This is when I started getting suspicious of Paola Silva. Two weeks later Paola Silva told me, through tears, that her husband was alive in Chile, in prison. Six months later I found out that her husband lived in the New Orleans metro area, with not one, but two of their children. One and one-half years after our marriage, Paola's husband placed an ad in the New Orleans-Times Picayune looking for her to legally divorce her. After our marriage, I also learned that paola Silva was thirty-two (32) years old, not twenty-five, and that she had two kids, she was from Chile and that she was not a widow. When we married I was twenty-two years old, she took advantage of my youth. After my trial I even found out that she was never divorced.

Paola Silva concocted various stories in order to keep me in the blind of her true intentions. A few months after our marriage I had a vasectomy because I did not think that Paola Silva would be a good parent and she was not protecting herself from pregnancy. I was in love with her, but I did not want to have kids with her because I never seen or heard her speak with her supposedly one kid. A few months after the vasectomy I had to leave Paola Silva because she was ruining my life. I asked Paola Silva for a divorce on a few occasions, but she refused to give me one. In my moment of disparity I decided to drop Paola's application for immigration in order to separate myself from her. When I told Paola what I had done she went crazy, she cried like a little girl and rolled around on the floor kicking and screaming, "Why did you do that?" She also stated that I was going to cry tears of blood for what I have done to her. We separated for a few months, but two nights before Hurricane Katrina we got back together. We lived through Katrina and a few days later we went to Houston, TX. In Houston I noticed that Paola Silva was paying AAA Bonding Company because she had an order of deportation. She hid this from me as well.

Paola Silva said that she wanted to start over again, but this time she was out of limits. I introduced her immigration application again, but she kept reminding me about the time I dropped her first application. She threatened me saying that she knew what to say to make me rot in jail. We separated again but remained in contact. The incredible thing is a few months before my arrest, Paola Silva presented a certificate of pregnancy to Immigration, stating that she was waiting to have my child. I have a vasectomy, I CANNOT HAVE KIDS! This is not all! One month before my trial, Paola Silva filled out another application before the Federal Government of USA requesting economic aid, declaring that her supposed ex-husband lives in Chile and is not helping to sustain economically his children. She says that she lives in New Orleans with her sons. She lives in New Orleans, but her sons don't live with her and her husband does not reside in Chile' Her husband is truly living with their sons in New Orleans. The justice does not know all of this.

After I caught her in bed with another man, on July 02, 2006, she placed criminal charges against me. The saddest part of this whole story is what the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office did to find me guilty of felony charges brought against me by Paola Silva. They manipulated the evidence, gave false testimonies, and refused to give me a fair trial.

My Trial. January 16 - 18, 2008.

Paola Silva declares during my trial that she had never lied to me before. She knew that I was a United States citizen, but she did not know that by marrying me, she could remain in the USA. There were pending proceedings against her, but this case had nothing to do with her remaining in the USA. Paola Silva denied that she presented charges against me for her benefit concerning the problems she has with Immigration. Shortly after my arrest, she filed a petition for Americanization (Form I-360) as an abused spouse of a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, which is a motion that when granted allows the person permanent residency at the very least. These proceedings are usually referred to as (VAWA).

This is not everything that took place in my case or trial, but I tried to summarize the information the best way possible. I am a victim of a scam and I can prove it.

INTERPRETATION. Paola Silva is well versed with the VAWA laws, and she used this to her advantage to get a green card. Paola Silva was willing to do anything to stay here in the United States. She married me, she lied about being pregnant for me, and once she found out that I was not willing to help her she falsely accused me of rape, kidnapping, and domestic violence. All of this in the name of trying to avoid being deported.

I pray that someone hears my cry and help me in my fight for freedom.

Justice is screaming for justice!

David Bedoya

You are donating to help free David Bedoya - Falsely Accused and Convicted owing to the VAWA Immigration Loophole / Fraud


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